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What is Responsive Web Design?,What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design (RWD) is the process of designing websites and applications so they can be easily viewed on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablet personal computers, mobile phones, and other types of the display devices. This is a hot topic for web developers and designers in 2014, and if your website is still using the old, static website layout, then you will find it difficult to design one that looks great on any device. The same goes for the software we use to design websites. While we need to design mobile versions of web pages, we also need to include them on laptops, desktops, or other devices at run time, and we need to make them work properly on these devices. As developers, we need to design the sites without getting caught up in the layout, and we also need to design the website with these additional features in mind. If we were to design a website without considering the requirements of all of these platforms, then we will find that many of our designs will either look broken or not have the potential to work on several different devices.,Why is responsive design so important?,We are seeing more and more devices on the market, and more and more websites that need to look good on all devices these days. If we were to design each website with our own bias, then we would design things that not look good on some of these devices, but work just fine with others. This would be an inefficient use of all of the different design and coding platforms available to us today, which make our web pages look great using many different layout options. Using different layout options will allow us to increase the page size of any website to fit whatever device the viewer is on, in order to get full use of the computer hardware you own. Using different layouts will also increase our design efficiencies because many of the resources we need are,Benefits of Having a Responsive Web Design,Benefits of Having a Responsive Web Design for the Web design industry is not what it seems: Responsive web design is not about having a mobile device in the corner of the Internet, it’s about designing the web so that your website looks great no matter how it is viewed. Whether viewed on-site as well as on a mobile device, you do not have to make any adjustments to accommodate the environment – your website can serve exactly the same way on all your devices.,The biggest obstacle to implementing responsive design into a website is that the webmaster will need to make several changes to the code, and these changes will need to be reflected throughout the website. So how can you use responsive design without losing your audience? The following are three ways through which you can optimize your website without making any major structural modifications:,Mobile Website Design with Bootstrap: Bootstrap is an open-source HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that can be integrated with a basic HTML template. It is easy to start designing a mobile website with Bootstrap simply by importing the following files into your HTML template:,The problem of mobile web design can be summed up in a one-word phrase: content. It is a problem of content distribution. If you have a web page that serves as a general information resource, there are only two ways to distribute it: You can either put it on another web page, like an e-commerce store, that does this job, or you can send out your page to be tweeted, shared with Facebook, or shared with email. On top of that, if your page has any form of content, including images and links, if it has any kind of content at all, then you will also want to send out messages about it.,An easy to use Bootstrap 3 for mobile responsive website: Responsive website design is a modern website development technique that will bring more,Tips for Ensuring a Responsive Web Design,Tips for Ensuring a Responsive Web Design, with the Web Standards Association,Responsive Web Design with The Web Standards Association:,So what exactly is a responsive web design and why is it important? In today’s blog post I will tell you all I know about it. There is currently no one type of responsive website out there, as there is no one type of website. The challenge with responsive web design that I am going to be taking on in this blog post is to create one for myself, and I hope that you will learn something new from what I write. You can find my responsive website template (created as an experiment) at my web template store. But first here is my introduction to responsive web design:,So what exactly a responsive web design is:,I always thought that “responsive web design” was a bit of a misnomer, because I have no idea what it really entails. So from my point of view, when someone says that they are designing a “responsive website” it is the same as saying that they designed an “unresponsive website”. I suppose you can also say that with a responsive design they are designing a website that fits the screen size of an iPhone or an iPad (as well as larger screens), but that is just an extra bonus; of course, it would be so much much easier if there are a thousand more options for websites to design without having to think the “smartphone website” (iOS-design-first-web-design) and “PC web design” (PC-design-first-web-design). With this kind of thinking, “responsive web design” is just all about designing for iPhone or iPad. And this is probably also all that responsive web design was meant to be all about: to provide an “iPhone and iPad-,Dynamic Sales Solutions is an experienced web design agency in Cheltenham Uk.,Dynamic Sales Solutions is one of the best web design Agency in Cheltenham Uk. They have 10+ years of experience in Web Design and development. They are Excellent customer service.,Do you want to design a custom website that gets results for your company?,Contact us today to get started with your custom web design strategy,,

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