Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

If you are a vehicle owner, you probably take fuel economy seriously. Fuel economy is the major factor while you buy or sell a car. And your fuel consumption almost entirely depends on the choices of the driver. Choices that you make have a big impact on your car’s fuel economy. Nobody can deny the effect of fuel consumption on his/her budget. And that’s why vehicle owners use different methods to control fuel use.,Some driers try to control and change their driving technique. While others try to solve this issue by keeping their car in good condition. Some vehicle owners search ‘DPF Removal Near Me’ to remove the filter. This is a common approach that most diesel vehicle owners follow.,In this article, we have enlisted 4 majors that affect fuel consumption. First, we’ll talk about the driving approach and then about the condition of your car.,4 Ways How Driving Affects Fuel Economy,The way a vehicle owner drives greatly impacts fuel consumption. Here are 4 habits that can seriously take a toll on gas mileage.,Short Trips,When you take frequent short trips, your car consumes more fuel. Every vehicle runs efficiently when its engine is fully warmed. Short trips don’t give enough time to the engine and it couldn’t fully warm up. As a result, the engine consumes more fuel to run the vehicle.,Speeding,Speed driving may save some time but it costs you in terms of fuel. The engine burns fuel at a higher rate than usual when you drive speedy. The vehicle starts experiencing higher air resistance around 80 MPH. This, in turn, lessens the fuel economy of your car.,Heavy Weight,It’s obvious that your engine works harder when the weight increases. An engine consumes more fuel when the vehicle is loaded with weight. A bike rack, cargo, trailer or interior load all come under the extra weight.,Heavy Acceleration or Braking,This is another factor that is associated with your daily driving habits. Heavy traffic cause drivers to use brakes more often. Whereas switching gear faster while driving aggressively affects fuel economy. Quick acceleration and heavy braking can decrease fuel economy by around 33%.,4 Ways How Vehicle’s Condition Affects Fuel Economy,Your car consumes more fuel when it isn’t in good condition. Below are the 4 major physical characters that can affect your car’s fuel economy.,Poor Maintenance,Regular maintenance keeps a vehicle in excellent condition. Poor maintenance cause vehicle parts to work less efficiently which in turn affects fuel consumption. For instance, the engine may have to work harder if your car has a clogged air filter.,Oil Type,Friction among engine parts is reduced through engine oil. Good engine oil lubricates the component well and help them work efficiently. Motor oils can make a difference around 12% on your fuel consumption.,Fuel Injector Issues,As the name represents, the fuel injector controls the amount of fuel. It decides how much fuel should enter into the engine. A minor issue or a small leak could reduce the efficiency of your engine.,Alignment Issues,Alignment issues are also the reason why your car is giving less mileage. Out of alignment wheels or worn-out tires can pull against vehicle’s motion. Such additional strain effects and reduces the fuel economy. That’s why experts advise drivers to replace old tires and always keep them inflated.,My name is Phoebe Lambert and i am an experienced social media manager in Nextgen Media Ltd and guides you about social media, media management related topics.,

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