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RF recognition, RFID (RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION) technology, also known as wireless RF identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data over the radio signal, without having to identify system or optical contact between systems and specific targets. . Radio, generally microwave, 1-100GHz, suitable for short-range recognition communication.,The RFID reader also is divided into mobile and fixed, and the current RFID technology is widely used, such as: library, access control system, food safety traceability, etc.,RF Identification (RFID) is a wireless communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data over the radio signal, without the need to identify a mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target.,The radio signal is transmitted from the label attached to the item to automatically identify and track the item from the label attached to the item. Some tags can be energy from the electromagnetic field emitted from the identifier at the time of identifying, and there is no need for a battery; there is also a label itself has a power supply and can actively issue radio waves (electromagnetic fields that modulate radio frequencies). The label contains information for electronic storage, and can be identified within a few meters. Different from the barcode, the RF tag does not need to be within the identifier sight or embedded within the trace object.,Many industries have used RF identification technology. Attaching the label in a car that is producing, the plant is convenient to track the progress of this car on the production line. The warehouse can track the pharmaceuticals. The RF label can also be attached to livestock and pets to facilitate positive recognition of livestock and pets (positive recognition means to prevent several livestocks from using the same identity). The identification card of RF identification can enable employees to enter the locked building part, and the RF transponder on the car can also be used to levy the fee section and the parking lot.,Some RF labels are attached to clothing, personal belongings, even within the human body. Since this technique may read personal information without himself, this technique will also violate personal privacy.,Application case of RFID technology,RFID is a simple technology that allows any target (OOI) to identify objects. Using RFID tags with only a single recognition encoded, its application is identified in addition to simply paste labels in an entity, easy to embed the label to the target (OOI) to identify. RFID is a wireless RF technology that is transmitted through the antenna between the label and the reader. In this way, the target (OOI) can be easily obtained.,When the circuit in the RFID tag has sufficient energy, the signal transmission and link will begin within the reader reception range. This method is different from other static identification technology, which is a Loud ID technology. This feature makes some inventory management and positioning problems very simple, which is why RFID can be perfect for tracking, traceability and inventory management.,When using RFID to solve specific problems or improve specific schemes, that is, refer to the use of RFID application, including the label, antenna, reader, and software application system. The RFID tag allows the target (OOI) with identifiable identity, antenna and reader to identify the function of the RFID tag and the necessary information (entity / virtual position), and the application software is responsible for making ID information and related detection conditions. Appropriate use. Just like any other technique, it must make a perfect combination with other integrated solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to take special consideration to have the best results. In recent years, RFID technology has some significant progress and many successful cases. Although this technology can be applied to the tracking and visibility of point-to-point, it has not had a major impact on the logistics industry because the technology applied in this industry has been approached mature. Although the cost factor will gradually decline in accordance with the supply demand law; each other will also be established by a variety of global standards, but more importantly, the change of business models, government policies, and social acceptance can achieve global tracking. And identify. These non-related information technology issues are quite complicated, these are issues other than the information technology areas, and it is also the largest crux. Prior to this, RFID technology will continue to continue the current development direction, successfully achieved limited applications and some close cooperative relationships, and information exchange can be well controlled. Since 2006, it has been in Hong Kong’s digital port (Cyberport), a senior and advanced wisdom composite office building has always used the RFID + 3G facility management solution developed by e-commerce solution companies (EBSL). EBSL also assisting the total map in Hong Kong University in early 2009, introducing RFID to more than 1 million books, making students can borrow their own books and returning books, and exempt the library’s human and cumbersome rent and inventory, which in turn provides more service.,In addition, there are also many retail RFID applications, including Schmidt Electronics Group Wisdom Retail System (SRS) installed in Meanel Tari-Shiji boutiques (SRS) with mirrors, can be used to provide more information to savvy buyers; Power logistics, the logistics solution under Telecom Book (PCCW), actually introduced the RFID sales management system to a leader business appliance and lighting company, not only make customers have a simple order management mode, but can improve operational efficiency and improve customers Satisfaction. Telecommunications (PCCW) with Hong Kong Watson’s Mobile Discovery Kiosk, Yixin Technology (EBSL) Grand Buy Department Store E-Sample Solution, is intelligent sales / marketing management automation service equipment, you can help business Their sales or marketing capabilities. The Hong Kong Coding Association (GS1 Hong Kong) has just launched the EZTrack standard as the basis of the information exchange platform, providing consumers with product full supply chain information query and confirmation.,What is RFID?:,

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