Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Computers often don’t work the way we want them to. Common problems include apparently random drops in performance, unresponsive user interfaces, and the constant threat to data security and privacy. That’s why iolo created System Mechanic Professional, an all-in-one utility for protecting your PC and boosting its performance. The latest edition includes easy disabling of voice and handwriting recognition, opting out of privacy-invasive search suggestions, blocking access to Windows User Account information, and denying websites access to language preferences. The antivirus system has also been improved to deliver better real-time protection and on-demand malware removal for machines already infected.,PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY AND SECURITY,Cybercriminals have countless ways of exploiting your personal data, which is why everyone needs to keep their digital security and privacy front of mind. System Mechanic Professional takes a proactive approach to keeping you safe by automatically removing malware in real-time. The System Shield feature has been further refined in this edition to provide protection with many customizable options. It protects against viruses and other forms of malware, and removes existing infections before permanently protecting the computer from future attacks. Also, it neutralizes threats quietly without constantly interrupting you with alerts and false positives. Furthermore, it doesn’t weigh down the system with unnecessary background activities.,System Mechanic Professional also removes spyware and bloatware, a lot of which comes preinstalled on new computers. This software may not always be harmful, but it can contain trackers that keep a record of certain online activities and send the logs to advertising companies. Bloatware also bogs down your computer by hogging system resources. You can also configure many privacy-protection settings in the user-friendly dashboard, some of which are very hard to find natively in Windows. It provides easy access to lots of settings that are not immediately available in Windows, such as those that can normally only be changed by making risky adjustments to the system registry.,MAINTAIN FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR DATA,You alone should have control over your data, both for the sake of privacy and security. Sometimes, you may delete data accidentally by emptying the recycle bin, deleting a hard drive partition, or even formatting an entire disk. Fortunately, and especially if you act quickly, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get back what you’ve lost. System Mechanic Professional includes the Search and Recover utility, which lets you recover data from many different drives, devices, and platforms. Alternatively, if your goal is complete data erasure, as might be the case if you’re selling or donating your old computer, you can use the Drive Scrubber utility. This overwrites the original data with zeros using military-grade technology.,By removing bloatware and disabling cumbersome and invasive processes from the background, System Mechanic Professional helps tune up your computer. It provides full transparency over the health of your device, and provides full control over a wide range of advanced system settings. You can quickly run repairs and optimizations, such as removing junk software, improving boot times, and automatically fixing and optimizing your computer during idle times with the Active Care technology.,Try it out at .,Harold Jackson runs a chain of computer repair shops where he regularly helps customers solve issues with performance and malware on their PCs.,

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