Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Working with multiple database engines is often fraught with complexity. A typical situation involves the use of multiple tools to help overcome the many issues with interoperability. This sort of environment can make it a lot harder to work efficiently and maintain high levels of productivity. A classic example of software bloat, which is a major and recurring issue in today’s IT and development environments, working with multiple databases often incurs a high risk of costly issues born of unnecessary complexity. Database managers and developers routinely encounter a range of complicated issues, such as regularly switching between apps and navigating different user interfaces. All the while, there is a significantly increased risk of human error. These are the reasons why it is always better to take a more consolidated approach to database development and management.,Database Workbench Pro aims to solve these problems by unifying database engine development management in a single operational environment. It has been designed with simplicity and streamlined workflows in mind to provide database technicians and developers with a cohesive set of tools that work with all of the major database engines. As a fully unified solution, this boosts productivity, reduces risk, and eliminates many hours of hard work trying to solve interoperability issues. In other words, it lets you work with a single conceptual data model, even if the underlying physical models are all different. This means, for example, that you can reverse engineer existing databases, create sub diagrams, and print out graphical overviews to represent your data in a pleasing and easily understandable visual form. Indeed, this visual approach makes it much easier to design databases and the relationships between them, and in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.,Thanks to the power of conceptual data models, developers can apply their own business rules to align them with physical data modelling. This allows them to use exported diagrams with existing documentations, document their databases, and simplify the rules and responsibilities for managers. With the user-friendly graphical editors, users do not need to remember specific SQL syntax either. This allows them to easily duplicate objects across all supports database engines using the single conceptual data model. Moreover, Database Workbench Pro is a highly flexible and scalable solution that lets users work with especially large data sets as well. As such, it can adapt seamlessly to virtually any database development environment, while a fully customizable user interface offers numerous opportunities to enhance ease of use and productivity.,Upscene Productions is proud to announce the release of Database Workbench Pro version 5.7.10. This new release introduces a raft of bug fixes, while the previous version introduced support for PostgreSQL 12. The program now supports all the major database engines, including MySQL, SQL Anywhere, MS SQL Server, InterBase, Firebird, Oracle, MariaDB, and NexusDB. It includes all the tools you need to design and maintain databases, including transfer of data between different engines, migration of entire databases, and tools for comparing databases.,You can try out Database Workbench Pro with the Trial Pro edition, or the Free Lite Edition. Download your copy today at,Arnold Shaw is a database developer who has experience using all the major database engines. He regularly works with a unified development environment to simplify the process.,

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