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When you purchase a Mazda 3 hatch or sedan, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of three letter acronyms. There seem to be a lot of them, and most people have no idea what they all mean. In this particular instance, we will be looking at Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). As the name would suggest, this is a technology that will help the driver to break more effectively. Let’s take a closer look at EBD, to learn how it works to enhance your driving experience and help you to make a more informed purchasing decision.,Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD),First, it’s important to note that you may hear the terms Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Force Limitation (EBL). Both EBD and EBL are the same names for the exact same technology. Mazda uses the term EBD, so in order to avoid confusion, we will use that acronym as we go forward in this article.,What is EBD?,Essentially, EBD is a combined system of hydraulic and electronic technology that will safely apply pressure to the brakes at each corner of the vehicle. This provides stronger and more even braking in the event of an emergency situation. A set of EBD brakes is considered to be active safety equipment that will help to minimise the effect of a collision or even assist the driver in avoiding it entirely.,How Does EBD Work?,It’s better to consider EBD as a crucial part of an overall active safety system. As such, the EBD brakes would be part of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and anti-lock brakes (ABS) systems. The ESC uses a complex algorithm to analyse sensor data, and it will know when too little or too much yaw is present related to the steering input. This will help the driver to avoid under and oversteering, which are critical factors in many collisions. When the ESC detects that the car is going out of control, it will use the EBD system to provide braking to individual wheels to get the car back under control. As all this is going on the ABS will also be working hard to ensure that the wheels don’t lock up. Although EBD has been around for years now, the improvements in sensory technology and processing speed have made them more effective than ever. The EBD system can react faster to a road situation than a driver ever could, and this is why this technology is a vital part of the Mazda safety suite, included to enhance your driving experience.,If you’re considering a Mazda 3, Perth drivers should visit us. As an established Mazda dealership, we offer a mammoth selection of new cars including the Mazda 3 sedan. You’ll also find that our sales team members are available to answer any queries, discuss finance options or arrange your test drive, so you can experience the fantastic Mazda 3 for yourself.,Greg Dean is well known author for many automobile journals and dealer principal at Melville Mazda. If they are looking for a Mazda 3 for sale, Perth Wa based drivers should get in touch with us at Melville Mazda. We offer a large choice of both new and used cars available for sale, including the latest Mazda 3 models. More information about Mazda 3 can be found at –

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