Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

What is Beta Testing?,Beta testing is a type of external user acceptance testing and is the final round of testing performed before a product is finally released to the wider audience. In this testing, a nearly completed (90-95%) version of the software, known as the beta version is released to a limited number of end-users for testing. This beta testing method is performed to gain feedback on accessibility, usability, reliability, functionality, and other aspects of the developed software.,Typically, it is a testing process in which the real users use a minimal viable product in a production environment. The stakeholders of the beta test are the product management team, quality management team, and user experience team whereas the participants of beta testing are real users or end-users of the product.,What is the purpose of Beta Testing?,The main purpose of beta testing is to get the developed product tested by real users in the production environment. This method of beta testing is conducted to gain effective feedback for product improvement before launching the product into the market for a larger set of audience. Additionally, it is a known fact that continuous improvement is an ongoing process and continues with an aim to constantly evaluate and improve products over time.,As Beta testing is done by real-users or end-users, it gives more genuine and real-time insights about whether the product will be liked by end-users or not if launched. Moreover, beta testing also focuses on real-world compatibility of the product as the product is tested in the production environment on various OS, devices, platforms, browsers, etc.,Beta testing is an important software testing type that allows organizations to test their product with real users in a production environment before actually launching it in the market. The intensity of the beta testing can vary according to the product, but the main motive of beta testing remains to create a product that meets customer expectations and provides a great user experience.,

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