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BMW is not just a status symbol; it’s a statement of intent. Purchasing a BMW is a big decision, even if it is a used one. It is a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, latest tech features, and amenities. Undoubtedly, BMW offers great performance, safety, and quality out of any luxury car brand. Of course, it’s an expensive car, so you should do proper research before planning to purchase a BMW.,If you are planning to purchase a BMW, make sure that you are aware of its different models as mentioned below:-,· BMW Series 1 – It is best for those customers who are looking for a small, fast luxury vehicle. The Series 1 is a rear-wheel-drive four-seat car. The first generation of BMW Series 1 consists of BMW E81, BMW E82, BMW E87, and BMW E88 compact cars.,· BMW Series 3 –Series 3 is also a small car, but it comes with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. This is one of the best-selling BMW.,· BMW Series 5–It is a midsize luxury sedan available in all-wheel drive. Initially, the 5 Series was available in a sedan body style, later on, estate/wagon body style was added which is called “Touring”.,· BMW Series 7 – BMW 7 Series is a large-sized vehicle. It is a luxury sedan that comes with leather seats and often wood trim.,· BMW X3 –Based on Series 3, BMW X3 is also a small SUV that comes with a lot of space for hauling. It is best for those customers who have a small family.,· BMW X5 – Besides the 7 Series, BMW X5 is the most expensive and the largest SUV. It can be costly to buy and maintain it.,· BMWs do not maintain their value for a long period. It loses its value every single year at a larger rate.,· It is not mandatory that all BMWs depreciate very quickly. Series 7 is the one that especially depreciates quickly, while Series 1 and X5 do not.,· Because of high depreciation, you can get the older BMW for less.,· Maintenance – It is very expensive to maintainBMW’s. Firstly, their labor costs are high. The gasoline, oil, and tires are required of high quality as compared to other luxury vehicles.,· Repairing – It is very difficult to find a shop nearby that specializes in Vehicle Monitoring System. If you want to keep the cost down, you always need to visit a BMW-specialized repair store instead of local dealerships as they charge you very much.,· Ask for the Vehicle History Report,· Find the Vehicle Identification No. (VIN),· Pay attention to any red flags on the Vehicle History Report,If you are searching on Google
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