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Importing your car to Spain,If you have Googled importing your car to Spain then you are doing the right thing. The time is ticking on Brexit and after the Brexit clock chimes zero you will not be able to have the same privileges you had to import a car UK into Spain. Basically, it would be borderline as to whether just to sell your UK car and buy a Spanish one instead of importing a car to Spain.,Prices for putting your car onto Spanish plates as we speak are in most cases with importing your car your Spain, worth it. After Brexit, this will not be the case. So, let’s talk about the present, about the ability and the process involved in importing your car to Spain and getting your car registered onto Spanish registration plates., ,The first steps to register a car in Spain,The first steps are to make contact. Thereafter we can help establish what will be involved in getting the car onto Spanish plates. Usually, there are issues with the headlights of the car, they sometimes need changing and sometimes they don’t. We firstly find this out for you. If not great, of so we can get the lights for you and fit them for a nominal cost. ,We then check the vehicle details, logbook (v5) or equivalent, VIN number, doors, modifications (if any) and a few other bits and bats including the reg plate. From that, we can give you a totally free quote of what all the taxes will be to the DGT and other associated bodies (taxes basically) then our fee to do absolutely everything for you. That includes licking up the car and taking it through the Spanish ITV (MOT) Centre. Dealing with all the paperwork and getting your Spanish reg plates delivered. ,Putting a car through the Spanish ITV centre,Don’t worry about this we do it for you. We can meet you there and take your car through or we can collect your car (if local) and we will take it through and drop it back off with you. If you would prefer this service and you live far from the ITV centre we will add a nominal fee to collect and drop the car back off. ,What if the car fails the ITV test?,No probs, we have garages and mechanics on hand to help you get the necessary repairs done to enable a pass. We do not make money from the repairs at the garage you pay the price it costs only. Also, these are mechanics that we know and trust which is very valuable in Spain. We will take the car for you hence you will get a proper price if you understand where we are coming from. There are unfortunately a lot of unscrupulous garages in Spain. There are equally some good ones and these are the ones we know and trust. A small retest fee will be applicable at the Spanish ITV centre. ,What if the car passes the ITV test?,Happy days, we move onto stage two and you will then be in the process of getting your car on Spanish plates. We deal with everything from here. Trust us there is a lot of paperwork involved and the Spanish system does not go quickly. We have done this so many times we know how to get the job done and get your Spanish delivered ready to put on your car. ,Do I require a Spanish driving license?,Not immediately, but before six months has expired you do. Best to just get it done in case you get a pull from the police or the Guardia. We can provide you with a Spanish driving license also. ,How do I insure the Car?,Through companies here in Spain we recommend getting several quotes but Abbetgate insurance in Casares / Estepona. Insurance is Spain is not paid monthly but tends to be cheaper than the UK. You in almost all cases pay the whole year upfront when importing your car to Spain. Some might let you pay over two months. The insurance tends to be cheaper as the claim culture is not the same in the UK as Spain. And also, minor scratches and dents referred to in Spain as “Spanish kisses” are tolerated and actually expected. In the UK a scratch is doomsday here it is normal hence not as many claims are registered. ,Driving on the Spanish roads,Not that bigger deal really, you will definitely get other drivers blowing their horn at you bt in Spain this is more of a “hey I’m here” type gesture than “I want to run you off the road” gesture. Don’t be too alarmed with this. Take your time to relax and take in the amazing Spanish scenery. Obviously the Spanish drive on the right-hand side of the road hence it differs to the UK. Roundabouts work differently so please do swat up on the correct way to exit. However, once the first nerves are out of the way you will be fine. Avoid busy towns and cities until you used to the rules of the road. ,What documents do I need in the Car?,At all times, copy of your passport, accident report form that all collisions need to fill in at the scene by both parties, and your insurance documents. It doesn’t hurt to have absolutely everything related to the car in a folder in case you get pulled over by the police. ,How long does the process take?,From start to finish probably a month if all goes okay. The bulk of the wait to get your car on Spanish reg plates is waiting for your appointment at the ITV centre. Once that is done you are on your way to import your car to Spain. ,Car registrations Spain help anyone with info on how to
importing a car to Spain. We are here to help you every step of the way.,

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