Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Chinese New Year is inching closer, and some of us may want to change our car plate numbers. Here’s some auspicious ones that will bring you prosperity!,2020 is a new year, and also the start of a new decade, so what better way to ring it in than with a new number plate?,Most Chinese people tend to be quite superstitious, especially during the festive seasons. Many also believe in feng shui, which is a practice that claims to use energy forces to allow people to harmonize with their surroundings.,Chinese people are also superstitious when it comes to numbers, believing that some numbers are luckier than others. One of these lucky numbers, if not the luckiest, is the number 8.,8 (八, ba) sounds similar to 发 (fa), which paired as 发财 (fa cai) means “prosper”, “wealth” or “get rich”. Many people tend to pick houses or car plate numbers with the number 8 in it, so that they will be lucky and prosperous.,Here’s eight car plate numbers that you will bring you prosperity this Chinese New Year!,This one is the most common, appearing in plenty of Chinese New Year-tailored advertisements. With the number 8 appearing four times, it basically means “prosper prosper prosper prosper”, which is perfect for those working as it will bring them great fortune.,2 in Chinese numerology stands for ‘double’, which brings blessings as many believe good things come in pairs. Some believe it also stands for ‘easy’, so this car plate can mean “easy prosper, twice”.,Chinese believe that the number 6 (六, liu) is a lucky number as its pronunciation is similar to 流 (liu), which means “to flow” or “all the way”. Altogether, this car plate means to “prosper all the way” or “prosper smoothly”.,Similar to the above number, but with the number 2 instead. This could mean “double prosperity all the way” or “easy and smooth prosperity”. This sounds like a great car plate number for those who get too stressed at work but still want to do the best they can.,3 (三, san) is another lucky number in Chinese numerology as it’s similar to 生 (sheng), which means “life” or “birth”. Having both 3 and 8 in your car plate number is like saying “prosper from birth”, which will be a great car plate if you have a new-born baby.,A combination of some numbers above, 1328 is a car plate number that means to “easily prosper through life”, which is a good number for anyone who may be going through some struggles. With this number, people can feel more relaxed at different points of their life and continue on with ease.,9 (九, jiu) is yet another lucky number for many Chinese people as it sounds like 久 (jiu), which means “long” in measurements of time, aka “long lasting”. So, this car plate means to “prosper easily for a long time”.,This last one is simple – “prosper smoothly, twice”. While this may imply that you may face an obstacle, you will come back stronger from it and prosper smoothly from there on. After all, you can’t get back up without falling first.,We hope that this article may prove useful to those who want to get a new car plate number, and we wish everyone a wonderful Chinese New Year of the Rat this 2020!,,

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