Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Maintaining the storage capabilities of any company is a necessary evil most IT directors struggle with on a daily basis. Between server requests and messaging attachments, it doesn’t take long for virtual and psychical locations to fill up with bloatware and cute puppy dog photos.,With most companies moving to a modified hybrid work model due to the pandemic, those storage issues are only expected to grow in the near future. Remote workers will have to gain access to work files 24/7. Keeping all your digital storage well curated and maintained is going to require an entire team of tech gurus. Unless you embrace the new monitoring features of STOR2RRD.,Storage monitoring becomes a lot simpler with the broad macro viewed user interface STOR2RRD created for its users. The web-based interface allows your IT department to safely manage, monitor, and capacity plan while they are getting their tans perfected poolside in Las Vegas. The need for having a team of physically present lackeys running up and down the stacks is finally a thing of the past.,For a complete list of features along with their matrix, please visit . To put it simply, everything a company would want to ensure their LAN, SAN, and storage are working property is available with STOR2RRD. The security features have bumped up their capabilities, which is a welcome relief compared to one of its “will not be named” competitors that had the whole NSA leak issue a few years back. With STOR2RRD, you get reliable security without the concern that big brother is peeking inside your stacks.,STOR2RRD is a free tool, but the company offers pricing tiers based on support needs. If your IT is more elite, you’ll probably not have to pay a thing for an advanced storage monitoring system. Otherwise, it is worth forking over the investment to ensure everything is moving smoothly.,The real benefit is the policy-based alerts that will tell your remote team if any bottlenecks are forming anywhere in your systems. This way, they can quickly dispatch whoever is closest to physically move resources or spend the afternoon manipulating virtual boxes and drives to balance the workload.,If you are anticipating any major IT moves, be sure to take advantage of the historical graphical reporting. This way, you can present your storage needs and load barrings to anyone conducting an all too popular digital transformation of your business’s infrastructure.,This is also an excellent tool for red teams to test out any theories they may have for improving storage capacities. Being able to entire a virtual environment to poke and prod at any vulnerabilities to your systems is always a welcome change when you are considering new security procedures.,All in all, this is a pretty extensive software package considering you can implement it for free. Any IT manager out there should set up a few machines for their new workforce to run some tests and get acquainted with the rules and restrictions of that company’s procedures before checking out the real thing.,Sean Harrison runs a collocated data center where he regularly uses third-party software to manage critical storage assets on behalf of his clients.,

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