Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The New LaFerrari,When I first found out about the LaFerrari, I can honestly tell you I didn’t believe it. Ferrari developing a hybrid, can you catch me one of those flying pigs while you’re at it? But now that I have looked at this wonderful piece of machinery I kind of wish I had a million pounds lying around.,The LaFerrari is the most powerful Ferrari to date and only weighs 1255kg. On top of these starting statistics for a hybrid, the car consumes 40 percent less fuel than other Ferrari supercars! However if you want to get down to some basic stats that will leave you hating your Lamborghini, the LaFerrari has a top speed of over 220mph and can do 0-62 in under 3 seconds! I wonder what it is like to see a Lamborghini Aventador in your mirrors. Probably pretty good.,After looking at the statistics I started to say, “Hold up, with these stats how this supercar is a hybrid I do not know.” So I did a little bit more research, this supercar is no more a hybrid than the dodo is a bird. It technically is a hybrid but with a V12 Engine producing 800PS and an electric engine producing 163PS. That means the LaFerrari is just under 20% electric making it the most one sided hybrid to hit the market yet!,However for everyone who likes to read between the lines. Ferrari has created the first hybrid supercar and there is a reason behind their madness. They have released 499 of these supercars which mean they do not want it to be available for mass purchase but they do want potential customers to drive them. So too highlight the facts simply, Ferrari have created a hybrid supercar and are only letting 499 people try it out. You know what that says to me? A test. Ferrari are using the LaFerrari to see how well the public take to the hybrid supercar because let’s face it even if it is in a hundred years time, fossil fuels will run out and that means the supercars that survive are going to be Hybrid. And Ferrari is leading the way.,My name is Hugh Armstrong and I am writing this article on behalf of Alpha Drive; specialists in
supercar hire and
Ferrari hire.,

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