Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

In recent years, manufacturing technologies have undergone accelerated transformations. Automation technologies, Industry 4.0, and Machine Learning have brought the technical and physical worlds together. Today, manufacturing is less about producing volumes and more about the intelligent and dynamic creation of value. Emerging technology like IoT has resulted in a preference for smart factories, where machines and equipment can self-optimize and automate procedures to increase performance.,Smart factories can help decision-making processes with better facts by focusing on developing an agile, iterative development process through data collection. By stretching the capacities of both machines and humans, smart factories improve performance and productivity. They can eliminate costs, downtime, and pollution by constantly improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. They help to identify and reduce underutilized or misplaced manufacturing capacities and opens up opportunities for development without having to spend more money or physical capital.,Heimer with the aim of helping the industrial manufacturers, to gain greater visibility and insights into their operations provides IoT solutions via IoT devices and a cutting edge cloud platform. Heimer’s solution approach is based on combining the three smart levels of data structures; Data availability , Data Accessibility and Active Data which help a factory in the progress to becoming a smart factory.,Data Availability: Providing device and platform solutions to get , sort and analyse data which is usually time consuming and requires manual work.,Data Accessibility: Cloud Platform that helps analyze data and view dashboards, data structurally arranged and sorted correctly in one place.,Active Data: Proactive analysis using analytic to generate insights without much human supervision. The system will pin key problems and irregularities to forecast errors with high precision and provide timely information.,For more information visit,,,

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