Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

It is often believed that technologies such as thermal detection are only affordable for projects with huge budgets; the reality is that this technology is sufficiently developed and widespread to be affordable and very useful for small and medium-sized companies.,Many technologies that we can see anywhere today were used for the first time in military fields, for example radars and GPS.,However, over time, mature technology and products become more widespread, resulting in significant cost reductions and that these types of technologies can be used in small and medium-sized companies.,Currently, small and medium-sized companies have among their priorities to have security systems and technological tools that help them combat insecurity and theft.,Although in light of the figures provided by the Colombian Government, between January 1 and April 11, 2019, theft from businesses fell, from 18,059 cases, to 9,962 cases (a reduction of 49% compared to the same period of the previous year), the figures provided by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) show that 44% of Colombians feel insecure, that is, 16 million people believe that they may be victims of some crime in the national territory.,Surveillance cameras have become the preferred choice of organizations for creating safer environments, due to the amount of visual data they capture and allow better and more informed decisions.,Hikvision offers a range of thermal cameras affordable ideal for perimeter protection in small and medium applications: residential areas, office buildings, parking lots, factories, shops and even museums.,Thermal technology works by using heat sensors to measure the infrared energy radiated by the elements within their field of vision and translating the different temperatures into an image, allowing the detection, in real time, of people or vehicles that violate the perimeter defenses, even in low light and low visibility conditions.,This technology, which has been used for a long time in complex security environments, such as border and airport, is not affected by adverse factors such as fog, offering unparalleled performance and a good range of benefits for those who use it. install:,The ability to detect intruders in low visibility conditions:,Thermal cameras can recognize small changes in temperature, allowing them to detect people or vehicles crossing perimeter boundaries, even under low light or visibility conditions.,More efficient perimeter protection:,Small and medium-sized businesses can reduce equipment and installation costs for their perimeter protection solutions and use fewer personnel to monitor camera images, as thermal cameras are more effective at longer distances than many conventional cameras.,Perimeter protection for SMEs:,For SMB managers, intrusion prevention is one of the most important measures in property protection, but business owners and operators tend to focus more on alarm accuracy and CCTV implementation, CCTV, to monitor.,And it is that users often believe, erroneously, that thermal technology is only installed in large and expensive projects, without knowing that in recent years, with the rapid development of thermal detector technology and the popularization of the use of thermal products on the application side, the cost of using thermal technology has drastically decreased and it has become possible to implement it in small and medium-sized enterprises for the security of their perimeters.,“Hikvision in Colombia has thermal cameras that help protect different industries and spaces. They have built-in specialized lenses that allow you to capture sharp, high-resolution video without requiring any lighting for detection, so there is no need for expensive lighting installations, yet still work with longer detection ranges than CCTV cameras. traditional, which means less cameras, poles and other equipment are needed,” said Rubén Trujillo, Hikvision Pre-Sales Engineer.,These cost-effective technological solutions already facilitate operation for many users in their SMEs, thermal cameras are free of special lighting requirements, so they can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, they also have algorithms deep learning that reduce false alarms and the increase in operating costs that these imply.,I’m working as a technician at Germany computer and telecom, a company that imports and sells
CCTV Camera, Access Control System, and other security equipment. I like to gather knowledge about new technology and also inform others.,

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