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In the most recent DLC expansion for the game, Iceborne, Capcom introduced MHW layered armour.,Layered armour is a unique set of equipment that allows you to change your character’s appearance while keeping your actual armour pieces intact. It is purely a cosmetic skin with no additional perks. However, they make your character look cool while you upgrade and mix and match armour pieces to improve your armour rating. ,The introduction of layered armour has been a fan favourite amongst the Monster Hunter World player base. It has allowed Capcom to introduce multiple themed armour sets to match popular demand. Here are some of the best themed sets in the game.,The Witcher Themed Layered Armour in MHW ,Geralt, the main protagonist from the Witcher franchise, has his own armour set. To obtain this tremendous-looking set, you need to complete two quests to receive an item known as Mutagen. ,The two quests you need to complete are Trouble in the Ancient Forest and Woodland Spirit, which faces you off against an ancient Leshen. ,The Leshen, once carved, should drop a Mutagen allowing you to craft Geralt’s MHW Iceborne layered armour, which also requires five thousand research points.,Joining Geralt in MHW is Ciri. You can also obtain Ciri’s armour, much like Geralt’s through completing the trouble in the Ancient Forest and Woodland Spirit quest lines to get the Mutagen item. ,Once received and given you have five thousand research points, you can forge Ciri’s armour set.,StreetFighter Themed Layered Armour,Street Fighter’s most famous Character, Ryu, also joins the monster-slaying action with his very own armour set in a previously timed exclusive event.,To obtain Ryu’s layered armour, you needed several thousand research points alongside two Nergiante tickets and one SFV ticket. ,To receive the Nergiante ticket, you needed to defeat an arch tempered Nergiante in the Heralds of Destruction Cry quest. After obtaining the two tickets, one SFV Ticket III is required. ,This ticket is obtained through the Awakened Satsui No Hado I arena quest. Likewise, you also needed five thousand research points.,Sakura, from street fighter, had her own timed exclusive Monster Hunter World Layered Armor set. ,To obtain this rare piece of layered armour, it required you to slay an arch tempered Lunastra in the quest Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust which granted you two Lunastra tickets needed to obtain the layered armour. ,You also needed five thousand research points alongside an SFV ticket obtained through several different arena quests. ,OtherArmour Sets,Dante, one of Devil May Cry’s main protagonists, has his own set as well,To obtain this exclusively timed layered armour, it required you to get five thousand research points, two red orbs and 2 Teostra tickets. ,The easiest way to receive all of these items was to complete the Code Red quest, which required you to defeat several monsters in a row in a fifty-minute time frame. ,Once all of these items are acquired, you could complete Dante’s inferno delivery quest allowing you to receive Dante’s MHW layered armour.,In this Final Fantasy armour set, you can obtain the Drachen layered armour by completing the quest A Visitor from Eorzea on extreme mode. ,This quest requires you to defeat a high-level tempered Behemoth to claim the rewards needed to get the Drachen layered armour; completing the mission grants you a Glamour prism needed to craft this armour. You also need to obtain a Nova crystal and five thousand research points to get this set. ,Assassin’s creed Bayek also makes his way to MHW with a special themed layered armour set based on the famous killer. ,To obtain this layered armour set, you are required to complete the Silent Dead and Fierce quest, which pits you up against a Delevjino, Odogaron and Lunastra. ,Once you complete this quest, it grants you the Senu feather item needed to obtain Bayek’s layered armour. You need two of this item as well as five thousand research points before you can collect it. ,Aloy also has her own MHW layered armour set from the hit PlayStation franchise Horizon Zero Dawn. To get this timed exclusive set, players had to complete the Proving quest, which rewarded players with a Nora Brave Trophy item needed to forge Aloys armour.,To generate Aloy’s complete set, you needed nine Nora Brave Trophies alongside multiple Anjanath materials, thus requiring various playthroughs of the mission. ,Final Thoughts on MHW Layered Armour Sets,These eight entries stand out as the best Monster Hunter World layered armour sets in the game. For more Monster Hunter content, including coverage on the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise releasing this month, keep it locked on Hacker Noon.,,

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