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What are the different parts of a car?,Today, it is essential to know the auto body parts for various reasons, mainly because doing so will allow us to repair the car ourselves if any failure may result in ending up stranded somewhere.,On the other hand, understanding a auto body parts can help all those who want to acquire the right vehicle at a reasonable price. Therefore, we will present these parts and their functions so that they can be of help.,Parts of an automobile,Although mechanical and electric cars are very different, they have one thing in common: they work with other systems inside them. These systems are the ones that allow the ignition of the car and the mobility of it.,Understanding these systems is a complicated task; however, knowing them will be very helpful in times of failure. In this way, you will be able to use your knowledge at any time of emergency.,On the other hand, having information about the auto body parts will allow you to acquire the vehicle you want, compare models, and even share opinions with the great community that has become fanatical about these cars’ advances.,For this reason, below, we present the main parts of the smart auto body parts since they are the most acquired models in the market today, mainly thanks to the Tesla car models that have integrated new technology into their systems.,1.Engine,All cars have an engine that allows the systems inside the vehicle to come together and work simultaneously. In this case, we can say that electric cars can have one machine or more.,It is an aspect that will vary according to the make and model of the car. The motor is the element that will allow converting the energy and recovering it since it works like inverse, and it can be of alternating or direct current.,We can also say that this can be of two types: synchronous or asynchronous. In the first case, they are motors that can work as energy generators, while in the last one, it is more or less a type of mechanical engineering.,2.Batteries,They work as the power source of these electric cars and characterizes them by being made of lithium. They are one of the essential auto body parts and are of direct current because they require a charger to obtain their energy.,The batteries of electric cars are currently one of the smart auto body parts that are to be improved since the objective is to provide them with more autonomy. The battery can last much longer than it currently does.,3.Charger,It is the element in charge of obtaining the energy that will go directly to the electric car battery. It needs to transform alternate life into usable continuous power for the whole vehicle.,According to the type of electric car and its brand, this charger can be fast or slow. In the case of the Tesla models that handle new technology, their chargers tend to characterize by being fast.,4.Transformers,They are the elements in charge of transforming the alternating current that they receive from the charging points to direct current that will store in the car batteries and attend to the cooling of the car to avoid spills or explosions.,5.Drivers,As their name indicates, they are elements in charge of verifying, for safety reasons mainly, the vehicle’s correct operation. They must be in charge of regulating the energy received by both the vehicle’s battery and the engine.,These are just some of the main auto body parts of an electric car that works differently from the classic cars we know today but have been taking center stage thanks to all these characteristics.,Why choose an electric car?,Electric cars have been gaining their place in different markets worldwide, are among the most purchased at present thanks to their performance. However, despite this, there are many people with doubts about their reliability.,Therefore, it is essential to know the most that s episode about the smart car parts that come in the electric car presentation and why they are an excellent option to acquire in the markets. Among these reasons, we highlight the following:,?Less contamination,Electric cars are an excellent option to reduce pollution in the world, mainly because they do not require the help of gasoline or oils to operate, and we emphasize that they make non-polluting materials.,?Economic savings,One of the best-known reasons for acquiring this car is its cost. Unlike automated vehicles, electric vehicles’ prices are usually meager and characterized by not needing constant maintenance.,In this way, in addition to acquiring a car at a reasonable cost, you will also save money concerning maintenance, as there are very few times when smart car parts need to be changed, so this will not be a concern.,?New technology,Many brands, such as Tesla, are combining electric cars with new technology so that whoever acquires these cars will enjoy a unique experience behind the wheel.,As for this technology, we can highlight the automatic pilot’s option where the car itself will come to life and take you to the place you want to visit. We also highlight the doors that open by themselves with the help of proximity sensors.,?Durability,As we mentioned, electric cars do not require constant revision and maintenance, so they are cars that have a great time of durability both in general and in specific parts.,,Hansshow is an expert company of auto body parts established 2009 in Guangzhou, China. We target the automotive aftermarket for high-end cars such as Tesla, Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, and Lexus. Our major products include power liftgate, pickup tonneau cover, and soft closing door, supporting more than 40 brands of cars and 300 kinds of models. we have established long-term cooperation with customers in Europe, America, , South America, and other regions.,,

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