Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

After nearly 40 years of development and growth, the upstream and downstream of the domestic printed circuit board industry chain has been improved day by day, and it has become one of the industries with great potential for development. At present, under the huge terminal market, domestic-funded enterprises are rapidly rising by virtue of their capital and cost-effective advantages. The next round of transfer will be a shift from “foreign capital” to “domestic capital”. From the perspective of the scale of output value, China has a huge domestic demand market, and both the electronics manufacturing industry and the semiconductor industry are gathering in China. Traditional PCB boards such as single and double panels do not have high technical requirements and have a relatively high domestic market share. For high-end PCB boards, domestic manufacturers are still lacking in technology and have a low market share. From the perspective of the industry chain, PCB dedicated Key materials, high-end equipment, and engineering software are still heavily dependent on external sources. This is where the industry will break through in the future.,From the perspective of technology and application, PCB companies have taken root in the electronics industry, cultivating telecommunications, computers, consumer electronics, automobiles, and medical fields, IC substrates, metal substrates, special substrates and other product lines, through technology leadership, quality priority and intelligent manufacturing to provide customers with reliable and timely products and services. With customers growing together, many outstanding national enterprises have emerged. For example, Jingwang Electronics has made major breakthroughs in precision circuits, FPC impedance control and high-reliability multilayer board technology, and is at the leading level in China, serving high-end models of customers such as Huawei. In addition, because of the great progress in product reliability and special processes, domestic PCB companies have repeatedly won customers’ favor in the fields of communications, automobiles, and industrial computer medical treatment.,As the 5G era approaches, the artificial intelligence and car networking industries may usher in an explosion. At present, the 5G commercial, AI, and Internet of Vehicles industries have entered a new stage of rapid development, technological innovation has become more active, new applications have flourished, and the scale of the industry has continued to expand. The emergence of these emerging markets will bring huge opportunities to the PCB industry. In the next few years, it may leverage a market of 100 billion yuan. This is the next decade of China’s PCB industry.,While market opportunities continue to expand, sophisticated and complex electronic terminals have brought innovations in PCB manufacturing. The low latency, high transmission rate, and high connection density of 5G will increase the PCB circuit density and frequency. As application scenarios include automobiles, high-speed rail, industrial control, and even medical treatment and rescue, the reliability requirements are also higher. . The application of massive MIMO technology, product design and craftsmanship are quite different, coupled with the application of microwave frequency band, these are also huge challenges for PCB manufacturers.,Artificial intelligence terminals have significantly increased the integration level, resulting in a corresponding increase in PCB circuit density, which puts forward higher requirements on precision manufacturing technology, and more importantly, the application of smart cloud will bring about the demand for big data; Internet of Vehicles and ordinary Compared with network products, which connect the various ecology inside and outside the car, the most important thing to realize the real “car life” is still the reliability of the product. Darlox Electronics has begun to deploy in these markets, such as participating in customers’ 5G R&D and providing PCBs for test base stations. At present, the core equipment of some 5G test base stations has used the PCB of Jingwang Electronics.,Darlox Electronic Limited (Guangzhou Zhijian Dianzi Limited)is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of custom
flex PCB cables for flat-panel displays and the peripherals; custom cables for auto, mobile and office equipment; and also cables for almost all modern electronic products you can see. We cater to our customer’s every need with our design services and quick lead time. Orders of large quantity and small quantity are both always welcomed.,

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