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If you’re a newcomer to the Crunchyroll anime streaming platform and immediately find that the Crunchyroll app or website isn’t working at all, it could be your geolocation that is the issue. In this article, I’ll explain how to determine if that is the case and how to get around that issue with a cheap VPN.,Table of Contents,Dang! We couldn’t connect to Crunchyroll error,Why is Crunchyroll not working?,How to determine if your geolocation is supported,How to Access Crunchyroll from geo-blocked locations,Dang! We couldn’t connect to Crunchyroll Error [Solved],Being a hardcore anime fanatic, I’ve always been looking for the best places to watch anime online. Now that I’m no longer a high-school student, I can afford the streaming platform memberships and have used Netflix for the longest time.,However, depending on your location, the Netflix anime selection might not be the best. I had avoided Crunchyroll for the longest time and finally decided to pull the trigger to see what all the hype was about. So I signed up, started a free trial, and loaded up the Crunchyroll mobile app.,But as soon as I did…,Dang! We couldn’t connect to Crunchyroll screenshot,Dang! We couldn’t connect to Crunchyroll Error,If you see this error check:,If your internet/wifi is working,If other apps are working, like YouTube or Netflix,If you do the above checks and they all pass, I’m sorry to tell you that Crunchyroll is probably not supported in your country.,Why is Crunchyroll Not Working?,Answer: You’re in a country where it is not supported.,So if you’re new to Crunchyroll and immediately see the above error in the app, or if you log in to the Crunchyroll website on PC and don’t see any anime titles available here, then the issue is most likely your geolocation.,This means Crunchyroll isn’t supported in your country. If you’re wondering why, it is because of licensing issues. Do you remember this famous story when it was announced that you could watch Ghibli films on Netflix?,The reason these areas don’t have access to the films is that licensing agreements are based on country. Netflix might be allowed to stream a certain film or show in America, but not in Canada.,Similarly, Crunchyroll anime title availability differs by region. You might be able to watch Attack on Titan on the platform in the US, but not in the Philippines, for example.,How to determine if your geolocation is supported,Unfortunately, Crunchyroll doesn’t have a list of supported countries (no idea why). But the easiest way to check is to a. see if Crunchyroll is even in your app store (on mobile) or b. open the Crunchyroll anime list on desktop and see if anything pops up. If no anime titles pop up, then the reason why Crunchyroll isn’t working is that it’s not supported in your country =(,For example, this is what I see in Japan (a country where it’s not supported):,How to access Crunchyroll from geo-blocked locations,But don’t worry, you can still access Crunchyroll even if you’re in a geo-blocked location.,The process is simple:,Get a cheap VPN (some even have free trials),Connect your VPN to a country with a good Crunchyroll library (like the UK or the US),Clear cache on your Crunchyroll app or open your desktop browser in incognito mode,Open Crunchyroll (via app or desktop),Select your desired anime and start watching!,,If you see this error check:

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