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The QuickBooks Diagnostic tool is an alternative name for QuickBooks File Doctor. The application is designed to fix the issues related to connectivity errors, or issues that are faced by users within their company file. The software works as a safeguard and removes the bugs that hinder the work within the desktop. It even helps the users in fixing their issues with multi-user errors, and network connectivity.,In case the users face any problem with accounting software, database manager, or any other issues, then he/she can run QuickBooks diagnostic tool on their system. This helps in removing the most common problems such as networking and multi-user. There are other reasons for issues related to file corruption such as 6000 series and H series errors appear, while the users are trying to open a company file.,Discuss the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool,There are a bunch of users that have been using accounting from a good tenure of time. Still, they are not aware of the term diagnostic tool. It is one of the power-packed features of QuickBooks software application. Hence before we move forward, let’s have a brief study of the following tool.,The Software is designed to resolve some of the major issues of the bookkeeping software corrupted file such as H series, 6000 series error code. These errors majorly occur in QuickBooks Database Manager and Company records. The connection diagnostic tool only works with a certain operating system.,Such as:,MS Windows Vista,MS Windows 7,MS Windows XP,The users of the accounting software can run the tool to resolve other issues or error messages that were received by them while installing and trying to open the QuickBooks desktop file. The file with extension NetDiagTool.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe can be damaged due to various reasons.,Points to Recall before Downloading QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool,In case the readers are still using QuickBooks 2016 or other versions, they need to run an internal version of QuickBooks file,OR,The users who are still using the 2016 version, need to upgrade to the latest 2019 version to enjoy the latest features and add-ons,Remember Doctor File can only work with Windows 7, windows vista or Windows XP. For Mac, it has a different version,To run this tool efficiently, one needs to have a newer version or QB Enterprise solution 8.0 must be updated,Problem That Can Be Fixed By QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool,It helps the user when they are unable to connect QuickBooks to the database,The software can diagnose and help the user as well as the system in opening It helps the user when they are unable to connect QuickBooks to the database,The software can diagnose and help the user as well as the system in opening the firewall port,Connection issues,Problem with the QuickBooks database,In case the users face any one of the issues that are mentioned above, look through the below-provided points to resolve the errors. There can be various reasons out of all virus attack is common. Don’t worry, these problems can be resolved by using the tool.,6000 Series Error: It arrives when the user and system face problem-related to permission. The error occurs when the user tries to access the file from remote locations. To fix the issue try to change the firewall setting in windows.,Multi-user: It is a feature of QuickBooks that helps multiple users to access the company file at the same time, from a different location.,Steps How to Use Connection Diagnostic Tools from QuickBooks Support,Visit the QuickBooks Desktop website and search for Connection Diagnostic Tool.,Download the tool, click on .exe file and follow the installation prompts,Double-click on QuickBooks Connection icon from the desktop,After the display of the message on the desktop, click on OK button,Click OK to the User Account Control message and allow the program to make changes to the system,Now locate to the location of the company file in of the accounting software,Click on the Test Connectivity button,In case any error message is displayed, click on the appropriate links to resolve the problem,Diagnose the Connection Tab: This tab helps the users to check the compatibility and make sure if the company file is usable from a computer without using multi-user permission. The problem occurs due to incorrect permission.,Use of Connection Diagnostic Tools,The Tool was designed to identify and fix the broken company file and connectivity issues automatically.,The software takes help from:,Net Framework,C++,MSXML,It helps in removing the issues related to Net Framework, C++, and MSXML,Install the latest windows updates,Try the manual solution to remove the issues,Hopefully, by reading the article has helped the readers in learning more about Connection Diagnostic Tools. For more information, contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1–888–412–7852.,,13Michael Taylor is a Certified and experienced team member of QuickBooks. He has a total working experience of 6 years.,

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