Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

It is year 29832 A.D and we are finally able to make a time machine to the past. That’s how I am communicating with you right now. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Alyne Yeager and I am here to tell you a story about my time.,So, when you think about the year 29832 A.D almost 30,000 years in the future what comes to your mind? I bet you are thinking how the technology is here? Are there flying cars? Are there skyscrapers going to the moon? Did you find vibranium there? Well sorry to disappoint you but some things here are still the same and others have developed beyond your imagination. Things like building skyscrapers to the moon are not scientifically possible but we have made 218 km long buildings which were not scientifically possible in your time so maybe in the far future everything will be possible.,There are a million things that I can tell you about my world but I am here to talk about Artificial intelligence. When the word AI comes to your mind I think that you think about terminator movies. How did I know about the terminator? Because I have researched everything about your time. Well, you would think that advanced AI would destroy the world and go against humans. But it’s the complete opposite. AI has made our life 100 times easier, 100 times more fun, and 100 times more productive.,Here the AI controls everything. Well, almost everything. Houses are built completely with AI and machines. Surgeries are done completely with AI. Even food is cooked completely with AI. Well if everything is done with AI then you would think that there is no work for humans. That’s where you would be wrong. Humans now have time to do what they love. Instead of spending time cooking food or building houses, they spend time doing art or writing music. People spend their time exploring the world. And developing more and more.,No matter how developed you are there is always room for improvement. Farming is way easier now so the government is giving food to everyone free of cost so that people don’t need to struggle. Human value has not decreased even a bit. People now enjoy themselves rather than struggling and now people are happy.,If you are worried about AI war then there is no need to worry because it will never occur because here there is a solar government that prevents anything like that from happening. 70% of the population in this world are working on AI software and machines. The other 30% are into things they are passionate about like exploring, art, writing, creating, because in this world also people enjoy reading books, watching movies, and listening to music.,So, you don’t have to worry because no matter how much we are developed, and no matter how much technology we bring in, no one can replace human beings and nothing can ever replace you.,It is a story that I wrote myself so there are resources.,

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