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2014 Honda Civic,The 2014 Honda Civic is poised to be the most popular compact car of 2014. The 2012 and 2013 Civic models sold exceptionally well despite lacking some of the creature comforts and tech improvements of Honda’s competitors. It’s impressive that Honda’s name can consistently deliver a popular product even when it doesn’t match up to what other compact cars can offer.,The last two Civic models brought only disappointment to many people. Sure, they delivered on the impressive reliability and efficiency that Honda is known for. The 2012 and 2013 models are sure to be on the road for years. Unfortunately, they lacked the refinements other compact cars were getting at the same time.,Honda has finally updated the Civic for the second decade of the 21st century. Styling, interior design, and performance have all improved to levels that match or surpass the competition.,The 2014 Honda Civic is going to make many compact car buyers happy. It’s the car for you if you are looking for a strong reputation for reliability, safety, and efficient driving—a reputation that boosts resale values. You’ll also enjoy the variety of models in the lineup. From a more sport-oriented trim to an “economy” model, the Civic can provide it all. If utility is the name of the game, you need to look at a different type of car all together. The 2014 Honda Civic can’t match the utility of hatchback style vehicles. It’s still a compact car—not the best for cargo space or hauling multiple people.,So what exactly is new? The 2014 Civic is new on the outside. The front end is more angular, with a sport-sleek style that yells “performance,” even if the economy-minded engine can’t deliver. You also get a new touch screen display in the more expensive trim levels (EX and above). There is also a much-improved CVT (Continuously Variable) automatic transmission option, push-button start, and a smart blind-spot watching display.,Styling: Interior and Exterior,The Civic does offer some utility on the inside. Honda claims “ample room for 5 passengers,” however, it will really seat 4 comfortably. Cargo hauling capacity is bolstered by 60/40 split rear seats that help accommodate gear of different shapes and dimensions. You can trust that Honda has compact car interior design mastered—compact car design has been their big draw for years. The 2014 Honda Civic is no different.,Every trim level also includes a color multifunction display, rearview camera, and USB connectivity. Honda’s new dashboard technology and display is a big upgrade over older models. All important driver information is located just above the dash, a more user-ready feature that provides access to anything you would want to know at a quick glance, a helpful distraction eliminator.,If you decide on the EX trim, you’ll get a power moon roof, automatic climate control, 16-inch alloy rimmed wheels, Honda’s new blind spot monitor, keyless entry, and pushbutton start. The LX trim level includes standard heated leather front seats—an area where Honda is finally catching up and realizing that people want comfort in compact cars.,We already mentioned the sporty exterior look—it really stands out. Last year, Honda redesigned the exterior and the results were far from spectacular. The 2014 model has much improved front and rear styling. There is a new grille, larger front bezels for the lights, a lifted trunk lid, and more aggressive wheel design.,Performance Notes,The 2014 Honda Civic has more power, better fuel economy, and much improved body control. The DX, EX, and LX trim models all come with a 1.8L SOHC i-VTEX 4-cylinder engine that puts out 143 horsepower thanks to a new exhaust system. The impressive CVT transmission is far better than the old 5-speed automatic. CVT is a $1,300 option and the LX and EX models and standard on the Touring model. The DX model only has the 5-speed manual option.,Because the CVT increases the gearing ratios and lightens the car compared to the old transmission, fuel economy is pretty good. City numbers aren’t impeccable at 7.1 to 6.7 Litres/100km, but highway mileage is more than adequate at 5.0 Litres/100km.,The Civic Si, Honda’s sport-oriented Civic variant, comes with a more powerful 2.4L, DOHC i-VTEC engine that emits 205 horsepower. The included transmission is a 6 speed manual in the Si model.,Handling is excellent. The 2014 Civic has a new suspension design that responds faster and introduces more “feel” than previous models. It offers excellent response if you want it while minimizing the bumps you experience along the road.,Is the 2014 Civic Your Next Car?,If you’re in the market for a compact car and you want the proven reliability and resale value that Honda consistently provides, the 2014 Civic might be the best car for you. Honda definitely put some thought into designing a car that can do more than keep up with the competition. Interior design, comfort features, and technology is ahead of post competitor models. Performance is adequate and cargo space is excellent for a small vehicle.,Perhaps most importantly, the price is right. The DX model with 5-speed manual transmission starts at $15,690. It’s hard to beat that considering the standard tech features that are included. $18,495 will get you the LX trim level, at which point you can opt for the continuously variable transmission. You’ll also find heated seats. The EX starts to creep into mid-size sedan price territory at $20,560. Both the Touring and Civic Si are a touch over $25,000—the Si is the most expensive Civic you can get.,The 2014 Honda Civic is a proven, safe, and reliable performer that will likely top the compact car market once again. Year after year the Civic has been one of Canada’s best selling cars. The 2014 model really shows us why. After a disappointing 2012 and 2013 model year that left some wondering if Honda could stay at the top, the 2014 model demonstrates Honda’s ability to consistently revise their cars to match what drivers expect.,,Never overpay on your new car. Get your free dealer cost report that tells you the invoice pricing and the average price in your area. Walk into the dealership with confidence.,

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