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When they look for a Mazda MX-5 in Perth, many petrolheads are not looking for a car that’s particularly good for car sickness. As an affordable roadster, the MX-5 is well known for providing high quality driving thrills with the top down. However, the smaller size of the MX-5 coupled with the frontal passenger seat makes it an ideal fit for those suffering from car sickness. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomena to illustrate what we mean.,What is Car Sickness?,The medical term for car sickness is kinetosis, and anyone can experience it at any time. Some people, such as women, pregnant women and children can be more susceptible to kinetosis because hormonal levels can influence how it reacts with a person in motion. When car sickness occurs, it’s caused by a disconnect between the information gathered by your eyes, the processing carried out by the brain and the general sense of movement. If these elements are not in harmony people can begin to feel ill very quickly. The person will sense that their body is travelling quickly, but the eyes cannot understand why that is, and this will create confusion and disorientation. It is possible to prevent or lessen the effects of car sickness as we will demonstrate below.,Preventing or Reducing the Effects of Kinetosis,Here are some well known tips and tricks to avoid or lessen the effects of car sickness.,The Mazda MX-5 is a two seater roadster, so this is an easy tip to follow compared to a standard family car. When you sit up front, it’s easy to fix your eyes on a fixed object on the horizon in the distance. This will give your inner ear a chance to correctly register that your body is, in fact, moving along at speed in the direction of that feature or landmark. Your eyes will have easily recognisable visual cues that the brain can interpret without becoming confused.,The Mazda MX-5 is an extremely fun car to drive, it’s responsive and quick, and in many cases, there may even be arguments over who gets to drive it on any given journey. However, if you have severe bouts of travel sickness it’s always a great idea to drive because your eyes will have to focus on the road ahead and concentrating on driving is a great distraction from illness.,If you know that you’re going on a car journey stay away from heavier or spicier meals. Avoid any alcohol (especially if driving) and stick to water rather than fizzy carbonated caffeine type drinks. If your stomach is settled, you will be less affected by bouts of car sickness when your travelling on the road.,These types of medications are effective for many people, simply take the stated dose around 15 minutes before you set off. They are designed to soothe your inner ear and calm your nerves. These should not be taken by drivers because they can cause drowsiness.,If you’re looking for a Mazda MX-5 for sale in Perth, check out the latest hot car deals at Mandurah Mazda.,If you’re looking for a
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