Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

It is hard to manage a life in this city without a car. Almost, entire infrastructure of the city is built around its use. All newcomers goes through the process of buying cars and we have decided to write this post to explain them all the steps involved in buying and selling cars in UAE.,Buying a new VS Used Car,This is a very important decision that every expat makes. In UAE, you get really attractive deals on new cars with easy bank financing options. The process is completely hassle free and in most of the cases you can avail the required bank financing without even visiting any bank as most showrooms handle financing requests by themselves.,On the other hand, a car that is on a bank loan is not really under your ownership until the loan is fully paid-off. This is a long term obligation as you need to ensure that you are ready to cut a small percentage of your salary for few years. Once you have cleared all the loan on the car, its value won’t be same as it will be a 3 to 5 year old car at that time.,Pros of buying a new car:,Cons of buying a new car:,Buying a used car is also a very convenient option as there are hundreds of cars posted daily on Dubizzle and you have lots of options to look at. The prices of used cars are affordable and this option comes with no long term obligation,Cons of buying a used car,How to buy used cars in Dubai?,There are number of options to buy a used car and lets go through all of the one by one.,Buying a used car through Dubizzle is by far the best option you have as on dubizzle you are buying the car directly from the current owner and there is no third party involved and buying a car directly from the owner always adds to the confidence.,You can also buy a car from used car market located in Ras Al Khor Dubai and at various other places too. Before going to the used car market make sure you know the car prices well and you need to ensure that you are getting the desired value for money you are going to spend.,You can buy used cars from various used car showrooms as well. These cars are normally of high quality and some of the used car showrooms are owned by big brands like AL Futtaim and you can trust on the prices and quality of cars in these showrooms.,How to sell a car in dubai?,If you are willing to sell a car at the right value then there is no better platform than dubizzle. The process of selling a car on dubizzle can take some time as you may need to show your car to number of potential buyers before actually selling it. This option is best for people who have time to sell and they are looking to maximize return on their cars.,There are many online car buying companies like Beep UAE, where you can sell a car for instant cash. The prices offered by these companies are normally less than the market value but there is absolutely no hassle involved in selling cars to instant buyers.,Some companies also offer services to sell your car on your behalf. They will post your car on Dubizzle and will sell it for you for a small percentage on the final price of the car.,I love to explore things that I find Fascinating prior to discover my passion for art. When I am not at work I use to travel with my family and friends to see the beauty in nature.,

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