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You wake up in a foreign land, in a body you don’t recognize.,The winds are cold, the mountains are tall. Animals and creatures you’ve never seen before roam the wildlands.,You can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do. Be the hero or the villain. Be the knight at the vanguard, or the thief in the shadows. Use a broadsword to slice through your enemies or cast spells from a distance.,This is the world of Ethermore, a world that is yours to join, yours to build, and yours to conquer.,In this guide, we will talk about how to play Ethermore, how to join and be active in the community, and even how to write for our video game. Maybe your own quest can be the next one you play!,Table of Contents:,How to Play Ethermore,Obtain an Ethermore character NFT,Connect your Metamask wallet,Start your first quest,How to Join the Community,How to Write Quests for Ethermore,How to Play Ethermore in 3 Easy Steps,In Ethermore, every choice your character makes is permanent; there are no redos. Just like in life, every choice your character makes in Ethermore has consequences. Thus, to begin, you need a unique character of your own!,Step 1: Obtain an Ethermore character NFTethermore opensea,Your Ethermore character NFT is your proof of membership in the Ethermore community. This is the character you will use to play through quests. The character’s race and class will determine which votes you have the right to participate in. For example, The lore of the Ethermore dwarves may require you to own a dwarf character NFT to participate in the vote.,There is currently only one way to obtain an Ethermore NFT:,Look through The Gallery to determine what type of Hero suits you and have a look at statistics to get a feel for the prices.,Purchase an Ethermore NFT on a secondary market, such as OpenSea.,Note: Please make sure that you set up a Metamask wallet on whichever platform you are purchasing your character, as Metamask is the login method on Ethermore.,Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet,The next step is really easy. Make sure you have a Metamask wallet set up. If you don’t, head to to learn how to sign up and download the software/plugin.,Head over to and sign in with Metamask (make sure your metamask wallet has the same wallet address which contains the Ethermore NFT you purchased).,Click on My Characters and select your main hero.,Step 3: Play an Ethermore Quest,Now for the fun part, on the Ethermore website, click on “Quest List” (,Play Ethermore Quests (list of quests),Choose a quest, click on “explore” and start your Ethermore journey. At the end of each quest, your decisions affect your character’s alignment which is saved to the metadata of your character on our platform.,Tread carefully and make choices your characters won’t regret!,,

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