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Whatsapp chat Bots have become nothing less than oxygen for online businesses, both small and big alike. For those who don’t know about chatbots, they are automated programs, mostly developed in the last decade or so, which enable users of the chat programs to have free and instant conversations with each other through a simple Internet connection. These types of chatbot programs have enabled countless people to connect, form new connections, find friendships, and form long-term relationships.,Now, thanks to the genius of a group of highly educated computer scientists and software engineers, chatbots can be used to help increase sales. These chatbots will act as if they are real humans by engaging users in real-time conversations in a variety of applications. This will increase sales because not only will the customers be interacting with real people; they will also be engaging in business-to-business sales, making purchases, receiving answers to questions, and posting comments. Not only that, but the conversations will happen between the various bot users, not through a third-party service, such as a real human would.,ChatBots are a software program, just like your word processing application, that allows you to run complex conversations, complete with text, using text-to-speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities. Because they are conversational applications, there is a built-in method of translation wherein a chatbot imitates the tone, pitch, and volume of what it is talking to make it sound as natural as possible. In other words, your online business chatbot will speak to your customer as if they were another person, and not through your generic web messaging application. Now, that is something that could seriously help you increase sales.,As mentioned before, the chatbot can mimic almost any sound that it comes across. This includes speech, music, and even sounds of conversations that may occur in the office, on the phone, or anywhere else. If you want to use this feature for your online business, then you can purchase chatbots for specific purposes. For example, if you are a customer service representative, then you can purchase chatbots that can play music as your customer sits on hold. That way, when the customer service representative calls you back in the future, they already know a song that you probably know, and it’s just a matter of selecting which one you want to be played when it’s your turn to talk to the customer.,Another example of a bot that you could use for your online business is called bots for researchers. These bot programs allow users to research specific areas, such as a specific disease, or maybe even a hobby and have the bot suggest an activity to do for a patient who is seeking information about that particular interest. These types of bot programs are extremely helpful for people who are suffering from a mental disorder or Alzheimer’s because it trains them to perform certain tasks without necessarily having to think about doing them, which is a huge advantage over other types of programs that exist for patients with these conditions.,Online chat Bots are used for many different reasons. However, the biggest reason is probably the convenience that they provide to business owners. There is nothing worse than being trapped in a long, boring, commercial conversation with someone who doesn’t speak English very well. No one wants to be stuck listening to a conversation they don’t care about, and the last thing a person wants to do is sit there and have to translate what they are saying because they can’t understand it. These chatbots are equipped with a built-in language translator, which means that they can understand any language and translate it into whatever language it is that it is speaking. Therefore, it eliminates all the boring, long conversations, and replaces them with short, effective ones that both parties can understand.,In addition, because these chatbots are internet applications, they can also perform tasks other than simple translation and interpretation of conversations. They can even act as personal assistants, making research, answering emails, and browsing the web, among other things. This makes it possible for users to multitask and get more done in less time. This is the biggest advantage over other kinds of communication tools, especially for online businesspeople. A good example of a conversational bot is SpeakBot, a completely automated program that can talk to a person on the phone.,As you can see, these chatbots provide so much more than simple translation and interpretation of conversations. Indeed, most of the time, they are used to replace human support staff, because they are efficient, fast, and easy to use. For a lot of business people, they are better alternatives to live receptionists and live call center agents, because they can handle just about any type of conversation. Overall, these chatbots are an excellent investment, especially for businesses that cannot afford to spend their money on hiring human support staff or on purchasing office equipment.,What Can the ChatBot For Online Selling Do?,ChatBot for online sellers has been designed by technologically advanced experts. Unlike other chatbots, it can talk to a real person in a live chat session. This means that online sellers can have a real conversation with the bots they are buying from third-party sellers. The chatbot’s owner can then monitor the chat sessions of his or her bot and sell the product or service that he or she is advertising on the chat platform. Through this, the owner can have a lot of information about his or her customers, which he or she can use for his or her business.,This is how a chatbot for online sellers works. A business owner sets up an account with the chatbot using a credit card or PayPal account. After getting the bot, the business owner logs in to the chat bot’s website using the username and password that he or she has established earlier.,On the homepage of the chatbot, there will be a profile page. In this page, he or she can create a username and a picture. These are the factors that will make the bot remember the name and the image of its owner. Once this has been done, the owner can then select the different Facebook businesses that he or she is interested in purchasing chat Bots for. Through this, he or she can choose from among the available chatbots.,Once these factors are set, the chatbots can now be purchased. There are now various types of chatbots that are available. These chatbots are usually enhanced with artificial intelligence and webcams.,Some chatbots are specifically designed for Facebook. These chatbots are programmed to perform specific tasks that include posting pictures, commenting, and sending messages on Facebook. This makes it easy for Facebook users to interact with the bot. The chatbot for online sellers works similarly. This also enables the online seller to post items for sale in the chatbox. The main difference between the two is that the user can purchase the chatbot for his Facebook business from a website that offers the bot for sale.,Other than purchasing the chatbot for online sellers, individuals can also use the chatbot for socializing. Several chat bots are programmed to join communities on various chat networks such as Facebook, Yahoo, and MSN. Through this bot, the user will be able to get to know other individuals who are part of the community. In return, he or she can learn about different things and strategies that they can use to succeed in the business. The chatbot can also introduce new people to the online selling process.,One way how the chatbot for online sellers can be used effectively is through the program’s ability to update the user with new songs. The robot can scan through the SD card in the user’s computer and pick out the best song. When the user likes one of the songs, he or she can download it from the website and then insert the SD card into the chatbot. Within minutes, the new song will be played and everyone in the community will have to join in the fun.,Although the features of the chatbot for online selling are amazing, it would be advisable to familiarize yourself with it before using it. This will make it easier for the newbies to get used to the functionality and learn how it operates within a short period. Newbies are advised to be patient when using the chatbot. They should also refrain from answering all the questions posed by the chatbot unless they are prepared to answer yes to all the questions.,Review From :,Salim Ben Jadir,

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