Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

The first trend is that all IT giants will deploy AI cloud services, AI-a-a-S, which means artificial intelligence as a service, which will become the future trend. AI is the future. It is a self-evident fact. New and old IT giants are not only actively using artificial intelligence in their own businesses, but also actively using cloud computing platforms to provide AI services to third parties.,From the supply side, IT giants are very clear that as long as third parties use their own platforms, they will leave data on the platform, and these data will be a big gold mine in the era of artificial intelligence. From the demand side, those application companies can use AI cloud services provided by large companies to enhance their competitiveness. Therefore, this is a win-win cooperation for both AI service providers and companies that use AI services.,The second trend is that new and old artificial intelligence companies will compete fiercely around smart entrances. In the Internet age, almost every entrance will cause competition, and the winner of every entrance competition will become the next giant. For example, in the Web2.0 era, the rise of interactive social networking has formed a social portal, creating Facebook and Tencent. The era of artificial intelligence is no exception. After the fierce competition, the next huge super enterprise will inevitably be born.,In the era of artificial intelligence, the main service portal is voice interaction in natural language. Natural language processing will be the main mode of human-computer interaction. Whoever can make the machine understand human language better will be able to win. Artificial intelligence will completely surround all aspects of our lives, which means that the competition for artificial intelligence portals will be more fierce, and the earlier you participate and the more users you get, the greater the chance of victory.,The third trend is that artificial intelligence will occupy the living room, and voice interaction will become the mainstream TV application. The concept of smart home has been shouting for many years. Bill Gates made a clear description in the 1995 Road to the Future, but such a description has not become a reality so far. The core reason lies in the lack of needs of users.,Nowadays, with the increase of TV screen size and the explosive growth of video content, traditional remote controls are becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs of people using TV. Voice-based smart search and smart interaction are rapidly emerging, and natural language interaction will become TV manipulation. The standard way of the machine. Traditional TV manufacturers such as Samsung, video content providers such as Netflix and Amazon, and IT manufacturers such as Microsoft and Google have all launched or will launch their own TV-centric voice interactive products, and smart homes are becoming a reality from the TV set.,The fourth trend is that smart toys will become one of the earliest successful application areas of AI. If AI is used to diagnose illnesses or make self-driving cars, people often cannot tolerate it making mistakes. But toys are different. People have a high tolerance for errors in toys. Therefore, today when artificial intelligence cannot surpass human intelligence, smart toys are precisely the entry point that allows artificial intelligence to gain initial market recognition.,In fact, there are already many successful cases. For example, at the end of 2016, the smart toy Cozmo, which can play games with people, was sold out until it was out of stock. A large number of smart toys will be launched in 2017. Although China’s toy manufacturing industry is strong, there is no brand advantage. If Chinese toy companies cooperate with high-tech companies and use their strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities to launch their own brands, they will have huge business opportunities.,Darlox Electronic Limited is Professional
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