Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that we ever do – some would say that it is the most stressful. There are a thousand and one things to do and remember to do, and you might also have to work right up to moving day and go back to work straight after you have moved. This can mean that getting everything sorted in your new home can take weeks, and even longer if you have decided to redecorate.,There are lots of decisions to be made, such as whether to take something with you or whether it is time to throw it out and buy new. There are so many different people that you have to inform of your new address, some obvious ones being the bank, so that all their records are up to date, and your car insurance company, because they often rate your premium based on your postcode and if they don’t know you have moved may refuse to pay out if you make a claim.,You also have to remember to cancel the electricity, and possibly gas, together with your water supplier. You need to arrange for your broadband supplier to install it at your new address because, believe it or not, some broadband suppliers take up to six weeks to connect you, so you could be without an internet connection. You also need to cancel your newspaper delivery, and your milkman if you still have your milk delivered.,Then there are all the things that you forget to do, such as notify Tesco of your new address, only to realise about a year later that you are not getting any Clubcard points because they went to your old address! (Tesco are actually very good about this and will replace them because you haven’t used them).,You might also need to put everything into storage for a few weeks if you have to move out of your present home and cannot move into the new one immediately.,If you have children, they have to leave their present school and you have to arrange for a new school for them in your new area. That may mean buying new school uniforms, so that they are ready to go to school as soon as you arrive.,Where are you going to keep the family dog and cats on moving day? Are you going to pop them in the car and take them with you? That’s probably not a good idea because when you arrive at your new home there is nowhere to keep them while the removal men walk in and out of the home carrying furniture and with all the doors open. They could just wander off and get lost, so you need to book them into a kennels or cattery, or have a friend look after them, so that you can go back and pick them up later.,No wonder moving home is such a stressful experience. And those are just some of the things that need to be done.,Then there is the choice of a removal company. You need to get a reputable company and not just a “man and van” job if you want your belongings to be protected and safe on the journey. This is especially the case if you have valuable and heavy items such as an American style fridge freezer or perhaps a grand piano.,And then there is something else, and that is insurance. Many people are blissfully unaware that their home contents insurance may only cover them for items in their home, and that it may cease the minute those goods leave. So, if something should happen to your belongings in transit to your new home, there is a very strong possibility that they may not be covered.,This is why you need to check your contents insurance policy very carefully and if they are not covered, take out some house moving insurance to cover them in transit. Yes, your removals company will have a certain amount of cover, but it is likely to be very limited, and nowhere near enough if your goods should get damaged in transit.,An insurance broker will be able to arrange this for you for very little cost, and also cover items in storage if need be.,The Insurance Broker is a specialist broker that arranges insurance for goods that are being transported from one location to another, and is the place to go if you need
house moving insurance, whether you are moving across town or across the world.,

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