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Pick a Plan

Thefirst thing to do is pick your plan. The most economical option is the 24-month plan, which works out to around $2 a month. As a nice touch, Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the service, you’re not tied in.

Enter Your Details

Once you’ve picked your plan, the website will automatically scroll down the page for you and ask you to enter your email address.

Consider Surfshark One

Remember the cool features we mentioned Surfshark offers? A couple more come exclusively in Surfshark’s “One” offering. This includes a monitoring system that flags passwords or email addresses that have appeared in a data breach. In this case, we chose not to go for Surfshark One, but it depends on your individual privacy concerns, so choose if you want Surfshark One.

Choose Your Payment Method

We like that Surfshark offers a range of payment methods — even cryptocurrency. Choose the payment method you want to use.

Create a Password

Once that’s done, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and you’ll be asked to create a password.

Set up Surfshark on Your Mobile

A nice touch with Surfshark is that your account can be used on an unlimited number of laptops and mobile devices. If you’d like to set up Surfshark on your phone, scan the QR code that appears on your screen, and then enter your login details.

Set up Surfshark on Your Desktop

The next page lays out how to install Surfshark on your desktop. To do this, click the download button. Then, find the app in your “downloads” folder and open it.

Log in to Your Account

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s time to log in. Enter the same email address and password you created earlier and sign in to your account.

How to Set up Surfshark’s Key Features

Set up Auto-Connect

If you turn on auto-connect, your device will automatically connect to the WiFi or ethernet connection through the VPN. In your Surfshark app, click the settings icon in the left-hand corner, then click “VPN settings.” From here, you can turn auto-connect on and set your preferences.

Enable VPN Split Tunneling

Surfshark calls its split tunneling feature “Bypasser,” which enables only some of your internet traffic to pass through Surfshark servers, while the rest uses the internet. Like before, go to the settings menu and click “Bypasser.” From here, you can select applications and websites you want to be excluded from the VPN. Please note, this feature is not available on iOS.

Use the Kill Switch

A kill switch is a tool to secure your privacy in the event your VPN connection drops. If this happens, the kill switch will turn off your internet connection, protecting your data and location from exposure. You’ll see the kill switch toggle as an option on the right-hand side of your application below the Surfshark logo. You can also access it in the “settings” tab. Please note that this feature is still in beta.

Authorize CleanWeb

CleanWeb is a solid cybersecurity feature that blocks malicious adverts and websites. With CleanWeb switched on, you’ll see far fewer ads. To launch it, go to the settings tab, click “VPN settings” and click the toggle to turn on CleanWeb.

Use NoBorders Mode

NoBorders is a feature that bypasses network restrictions in restricted countries. NoBorders mode should turn on automatically when needed. However, you can turn it on manually by going to the “settings” tab, then “VPN settings” and clicking “NoBorders.”

Choose Protocols

Surfshark offers a choice of protocols, all of which can be found when you click the “protocol” section in the “settings” tab. You can choose from IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard. Each protocol has its own merits: IKEv2 is very fast and great for mobile; OpenVPN offers high levels of security; and WireGuard is extremely fast and secure.

How to Connect & Disconnect Surfshark

Select the Country You Want to Access Your VPN Connection Through

Click your country of choice, and Surfshark will automatically connect you. You can also click the blue “connect” button and Surfshark will automatically pick the fastest server. It will thenshow an intermediary page, saying “attempt 1 of 4” to connect. In our case, the VPN connection succeeded on the first try. From there, you can browse the web with your privacy needs covered.

Disconnect From the VPN

Disconnecting from the VPN connection is straightforward: Just click the button that says “disconnect” in the app.


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