Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The Subaru XV price offers a fantastic value proposition, and this popular SUV is available in a wide palette of attractive colours. We’re used to looking at colours to convey certain emotions, such as red for excitement and green for feeling calm. However, many drivers are aware that this principle can apply to their cars in other interesting ways. It may come as a surprise, but some car colours are actually safer than others. So, if your main focus is safety for your family, perhaps you should pay closer attention to the colour of your Subaru XV purchase based on the colour descriptions shown below.,We’ve mentioned this in the introduction, red is often regarded as the fastest colour, but it isn’t the safest. When you drive a red car the colour of your finish can easily be swallowed up by other colours on the street, such as brake lights on other cars, red traffic signals and warning signs. The risk that you run driving a red car is that your paint finish will blend into these other background colours and this could make your vehicle less visible to other road users.,Many of the principles that we explored with red cars could be equally applicable to green cars as well. If you really think about it, there are a lot of green road signs and lights on our roads, and it may be too easy to blend in with them. Another key problem is the amount of greenery around our towns and cities. Everyone enjoys more trees, shrubs, and grass, but they do make a green car far less visible on the road.,A blue car would not make a very good colour choice if you’re interested in safety. After all, the sky is blue, and a polished blue car finish would be somewhat like looking at the sky in a mirror. Also, during the night or low light conditions blue can blend in with black tarmac surfaces and that will reduce the cars visibility. This is especially true if the car has a darker shade of blue that’s quite close to black on the colour spectrum.,Many taxis all over the world are covered in some sort of yellow paint job or at least a certain amount of yellow livery to make them stand out. This is not an accident; safety experts are well aware that a yellow car is highly visible in all types of lighting conditions, such as dawn, dusk, fog, rain, sunshine, and overcast. Yellow really stands out against the black of tarmac and the grey of pedestrian walkways making it a very safe choice. The colour yellow is excellent for safety because it provides such a dramatic contrast to any other colour seen around it and visibility is key when looking at road safety.,If they are looking for a Subaru XV for sale in Perth, get in touch with City Subaru, and we would be happy to arrange a no obligation test drive.,

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