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Use a CD player and car radio receiver to play music

When you assemble or modify your car’s sound system, start with the source of the music – the dashboard receiver.

Car audio system specialists Kenwood, Alpine and Pioneer offer dashboard receivers that will greatly improve sound quality. Some built-in receivers come with CD players, and many of them also support these formats – WMA, MP3, CD-RW and CD-R. Some even support satellite radio and Apple iPods.

Buy a built-in receiver with a built-in CD changer, or you can connect the CD changer to your car’s sound system already installed in your car so you don’t have to fiddle with the controls or CD case while driving. Models such as the JVC CH-X and Sony CDX-757MX series can hold up to 10 or 12 discs.

Enhance your sound system with car audio

Maximize the maximum sound potential of your car stereo with new speakers, new subwoofers, and new car amplifiers. Start by measuring the area of the car where you want to place the speakers. As you evaluate listings on eBay, check to see if each speaker, amplifier, and subwoofer fits your car.

Enhanced car speakers

Car speaker manufacturers such as Pioneer, Alpine and JBL offer a wide variety of car speakers in different powers, sizes and prices. They can be installed in multiple locations on the car, including the front and/or rear of the car. They can also be mounted inside a car door.

Automobile amplifier

The overall volume of the car sound system is enhanced by adding car amplifiers so that they can drive the speakers of the system without any distortion. Whether you like Beck or Mozart, car speakers can also improve the detail and clarity of music. These amplifiers can be placed under the seat, in the back of the car or in the trunk.


Very low frequency sounds are reproduced by the car subwoofer and provide the heavy bass you hear. An amplifier is required to drive the subwoofer, and a suitable position is required for the 8″ -15 “speaker unit. You can mount the subwoofer under the seat, in the side cargo tray or panel, or in the trunk housing.

Subwoofers made by companies like Alpine, Sony and JL Audio are usually round, but you might find some square ones on eBay. The larger the cell, the less frequently it can reproduce.

You can use the subwoofer as a separate unit or with a housing or as a component of a multi-speaker system.

Installing vehicle-mounted speakers

When you look at the list of items, make sure that the product you intend to purchase comes with the original installation files. If you require any additional information, please visit the manufacturer’s website. Many manufacturers provide free online instructions on how to install the program.

In addition, many speakers and dashboard receiver listings provide a link as well as a description to check if the item is suitable for your car.

The process of installing a car speaker or dashboard receiver is fairly simple. Consider mounting kits, such as amplifier mounting kits, for detailed help with the subwoofer and amplifier installation process.

Use mobile video to bring your movie into the car

Turn your car into a mobile cinema system to entertain your children and impress your passengers with the complete multi-channel surround system. To bring the thrill of watching movies, satellite TV or video games into your car, you need:

Car VCR player or car DVD player

Dashboard receiver

Video monitor

Speaker/amplifier system

Wireless headset

Either buy a complete mobile video system, including all its integrated components, or buy each individual component at once. There are two kinds of car video systems: front or rear.

Front seat video system

The front seat car video system is mounted in a standard opening in the dashboard with a retractable electric 6.5-inch to 7-inch LCD display. These systems meet all your music and video requirements, including playing DVDS, MP3s, CDS and satellite radio.

To be on the safe side, these systems won’t play movies unless your car is parked and emergency braking is applied. But you can still use the display with the GPS navigation system while driving.

Backseat car video system

When driving the rear seat video system, you can always entertain your passengers. These systems are usually associated with –

The display is either mounted on the back of the headrest or suspended overhead. Overhead displays provide better viewing, but headrest displays are easier to install.

Car VCR player or car DVD player console located under or on the seat.

A wireless headset for listening to audio.

A wirelessly controlled cell phone that allows passengers to control what they want to see from the back seat.

Installing video Devices

A built-in video receiver requires only more connections than a built-in stereo receiver. Additional connections are made through hidden boxes within reach.

For the easiest way to install a headrest monitor, purchase a mounting bracket that attaches to the headrest column of the front seat. Replacing the existing headrest with a headrest with a pre-installed monitor is another option.

Installing an overhead display takes more time and patience. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully or let a professional do the work for you.

Once the monitors are in place, connect them directly to your media player. Remember to buy speaker cable and RCA cable so you have all the components you need when installing your car video system.

Found car electronics on eBay

Once you have decided what kind of automotive electronics you want to purchase, visit the Consumer Electronics portal on eBay and click the Automotive Electronics button. You can ask them to start searching for your car electronics on eBay.

Categories: On the left side of each page, you’ll find a category link that helps you narrow your search by displaying your list by item type. Here you’ll find links to car video and navigation, car subwoofers, car amplifiers, car speakers and car built-in audio units, and more. You can narrow your choices to the specific type of brand you are looking for by diving deep into the site pages.

Product Finder: You’ll find drop-down menus on the page for car woofers, car amplifiers, car speakers, and built-in car sound units. You can use this drop-down menu to narrow down the list of project titles to search for items you need by condition, brand, type, format, and so on.

Keyword search: You can search for any specific item you need on eBay using specific keywords. For example, if you want to find a car amplifier on eBay, type “Car Amplifier” (without quotes) in the search box provided. Click the Search Title and Description button to expand your results. Visit the “Search Tips” page on eBay to give you more art guidance on using keywords to search eBay.
If you can’t find exactly what you want, you can try shopping on “eBay Stores.” You can also create a post on eBay’s “Want It Now” page or “Save Search” on eBay’s “My eBay” page, and you’ll be notified by email when a matching item becomes available.

Feel free to buy car electronics

Before you buy anything related to automotive electronics, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for, understand the protections offered by PayPal and eBay, and thoroughly know the details of the seller of the product.

Know your purchase

Read the details listed in the project carefully.

Please consider delivery costs when calculating the final price. If you spend a lot of cash, make sure the item is insured by the seller when it is shipped.

If you need more information, please click the “Ask the Seller” link under the seller profile.

Check to see if your eBay transaction has been completed by using Best Offer, Buy Now or Bid. EBay offers no protection for transactions outside its purview.

Do not use the instant cash wire transfer service to pay for your eBay purchases. These payment methods are not secure when you make payments to people you don’t know.
Know your sellers

Get to know your seller so you feel safe and positive about the transaction.

Ask these questions and get clear answers. What is the seller’s rating? The number of transactions they successfully completed. The percentage of positive responses they received.
Buyers’ reactions to feedback. Did the seller receive good reviews?
Most of eBay’s top sellers, which operate like retailers, offer return policies. Do they offer a money-back guarantee? What terms and conditions are stipulated?
Buyer protection

In the worst case, if you do not receive the product you ordered or does not match the description given in the list, the eBay Buyer Protection Policy facility will cover the original purchase price of the item, including shipping.

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