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7 Best Email Cleaner Apps to Take Back Your Inbox

Going into work on Monday morning and staring down the barrel of 487 unread messages simply isn’t a fun experience.

Sure, with enough free time on your schedule, you can muscle through the weeds, deleting emails you don’t need, and preserving the ones that are most important.

But who has the time?

And the patience? Is there an app to clean up email?

Yes, there are a handful of good ones! In this article, I’ve hand-picked my favorite email cleaner apps that’ll help you with cleaning up your email inbox

What Is an Email Cleaner App?

Email cleaner apps include various features and functions that all share a common purpose: making sure your inbox is neat, clean, and organized.

These are some of the features you’ll generally in email cleaners:

  • Automating. Automatically sorting new emails into different folders and categories, or deleting messages that meet certain criteria.
  • Deleting / archiving. Email cleaner apps usually have some kind of feature to help you delete or archive emails faster or in bulk.
  • Organizing. With a good email cleaning app, you can stay more organized (and do it more conveniently). For more help,see our guide on Gmail organization!
  • Unsubscribing. Most of us have a handful of email newsletters we actually like subscribing to – and dozens that we don’t even remember signing up for. Email cleaner apps usually automate and simplify the unsubscribe process.

Some email cleaner apps are specialists, doing one thing extraordinarily well. Others are more comprehensive, with every tool you can imagine (and then some).

The Best Email Cleaners

Now to the real meat of this article – the best email cleaning apps available.

Which apps have the highest potential to revolutionize your inbox and help you inch closer to inbox zero?

1. is my choice for the best email cleaning app. It’s all about getting rid of the emails in your inbox that you no longer need.

If they’re old, bloated with extra files, or if they aren’t relevant to your current work, will help you delete them quickly and efficiently.

It also has built-in tools to help you group emails, label them appropriately, and archive them if you want to review them at a later date or store them permanently.

What is CleanEmail?

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner that helps you quickly sort and delete thousands of unnecessary emails, then easily manage all the new ones – keeping your inbox sparkling clean.

Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, block unwelcome senders, automate your email tasks, and more—with just a few clicks. Clean Email works with all major IMAP-based email providers and through any device.

Important! We don’t read or sell your data, so you can use Clean Email on all your personal and business accounts and be sure your privacy is our priority.

2. Mailstrom.

With Mailstrom, you can connect your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo! account and delete thousands of unnecessary emails in just a few clicks.

You can easily filter messages based on factors like sender, date sent, and size, and clear out entire categories of messages.

You can also unsubscribe from all those pesky marketing and sales lists you ended up on.


If you’re interested in finally unsubscribing from all those annoying newsletters, might be the best email cleaner tool for the job.

Once you link up your email address, you’ll get a near-instant breakdown of all the subscriptions you currently hold. From there, you can unsubscribe from anything and everything that’s no longer relevant to you.

Plus, it’s completely free, so there’s no downside.

4. Cleanfox.

Cleanfox is a similar app designed to help you get away from the newsletters and marketing emails you no longer want.

With just a few clicks, you can clean your inbox of old emails that don’t have any value – and make sure you receive fewer such emails in the future.

5. Sanebox.

There’s also SaneBox, an email management tool that has compatibility with practically any email service. With it, you can connect all your email accounts and create settings for organizational purposes.

Once you establish your priorities and habits, SaneBox will help you stay organized and provide you with daily digests that make your inbox clean and convenient to manage.

6. Triage.

Triage bills itself as “first aid for your inbox,” giving you a chance to easily sort through your old and persistent messages with simple gestures. In a matter of minutes, you can clear out months, or even years of old messages.

The only catch is the app is only for iOS devices, so it’s not universally useful.

7. Revive Your Inbox.

Revive Your Inbox is a tool for people who feel like their inbox is practically dead. It’s so bogged down with unread and disorganized messages that there’s no hope of bringing it back to life – or is there?

This tool outlines a 21-day program where you, in just 20 minutes a day, will gradually work to restore your inbox to order.

Introduction and use of the Clean Email

Features of Clean Email

Smart Views

Smart view prevents any confusion and eases your work of finding the email messages that you need to see at the moment. They are like filters that you can use to search your emails and ignore the ones you don’t need.

Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a feature that helps you in cleaning your inbox clean by grouping the cleaned emails into categories such as Email Notifications and Social Notifications older than 3 years, allowing you to delete or achieve them at once.

Email Groups

Emails Groups feature eases your work by allowing you to see all the emails from a group at once and reach the email which needs the most attention. This feature is most helpful to newsletters that come in daily.

Auto Archive

Clean Email offers simple and advanced cleaning options in order to target specific messages or create email rules quickly with advanced filters. Groups of emails are created following certain parameters and have their own clean-up parameters to automatically delete, achieve, or keep emails.


Unsubscribe features allow you to unsubscribe from any unwanted sender and emails which makes your inbox clutter-free. It helps in getting rid of unwanted emails by sending Unsubscribe requests or by Pausing subscriptions. Using this feature you can also temporarily block any sender email address from your mailbox.

Filters and Sorting

Filters and Sorting feature is an amazing way to apply filters to your emails like “Age” (how old an email is or how long ago it arrived) “Status” (Read or Unread). Then sort by age, size, and sender. With this feature, you can easily reach your desired email or remove them out from your inbox.

Automate Tasks

Clean Email keeps your inbox clean by automating your email cleaning routine. You can move emails from a certain sender to your “Read Later” folder by selecting this option before unsubscribing an email or cleaning your inbox. You can also choose to deliver a selected message to “Read Later” without any notification so that you are able to focus on the important first.

How to use Clean Email?

Clean Email is one of the best ways of cleaning a mailbox. It takes just a few minutes to do the Gmail cleanup using Clean Email. Following are the steps you need to follow to clean Gmail-

Step1- Sign up for your account

Step2- Connect the app with your Gmail account.

Step3- Wait for it to analyze the inbox and suggest several options on how to clean it up.

Clean Email allows you to label an entire segment, delete it, and move it or achieve. Before you even know it, your mailbox will be sorted out.

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